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Fruit? Vegetable? Find out here, plus why were cucumbers grown in space, where the phrase "cool as a cucumber" comes from, and why people put them on their eyes. Plus there's a cat video too!
Published 17th August 2017
Released in 1982, Pitfall! is a video game featuring a rope-swinging jungle explorer. The game was a massive hit at the time and has a legacy that lasts to this day.
Published 2nd April 2017
Located in Paris, France, the Eiffel Tower is one of the world's most recognisable structures and a hugely popular tourist attraction. Not bad for something that should have been demolished in 1909.
Published 31st March 2017
Most famous for having six wives, there is more to King Henry VIII of England than just marrying over and over again. He also liked playing tennis.
Published 9th November 2014
A selection of the finest facts about the sunny Mediterranean island(s) of Malta. Get them while they're fresh!
Published 2nd October 2014
It goes on for miles, it's old and can't be seen from the moon. Described by President Richard Nixon as a great wall, it's none other than the Great Wall of China! Great!
Published 17th September 2014
A batch of facts about the planet's biggest footballing competition which takes place every four years.
Published 15th June 2014
The Fourth of july is Independence Day in the United States of America. Find out more about the day here!
Published 5th June 2014
It's the most volcanic place in the Solar System, looks like a pizza and smells like egg. Io is one of Jupiter's four largest moons, known collectively as the Galilean Moons. Find out more about this unique world here.
Published 23rd January 2014
A paperclip may just be a piece a stationery but there's more to this everyday item than you may think. Nobody knows where it really came from, it isn't patented, people wore them during the 2nd World War, and a giant one stands in Norway in honour of an inventor who didn't invent it!
Published 9th October 2013
Louis XIV was King of France through most of the 17th Century and saw the country through one of its most glorious eras. He also had a rather large collection of wigs.
Published 6th October 2013
It started in Pudding Lane and ended on Pye Corner, destroying much of medieval London for the three nights that it raged. Here are ten facts about the Great Fire of London.
Published 3rd October 2013
They're one of the most versatile foods in eggsistence, and they come in different colours and sizes. They're eggs, and here are some facts about them!
Published 29th September 2013